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Discussion on: Would You Pay $1/month To Read Articles From Your Favourite Bloggers?

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Nimrod Kramer

I saw a very good use case of such "paid content" model done by an awesome guy named Lenny Rachitsky. This guy used to work on growth for Airbnb.

He started by issuing one article per week (to a mailing list) about growth and product management. Every article was fantastic. It was practical, insightful and full of valuable resources that you probably haven't seen before. At first the newsletter (which wasn't the standard thing you'd see in a newsletter... it was an article) was for free.

Then, he started to engage the community by letting them ask questions. Every week he would pick a question and turn his answer into a full-scale article. His secret source is that he could get insights from industry leaders of the top tech companies in the world. The more he grew the more leaders wanted to give their angle to answer his community's questions.

Now his newsletter has a free version and a paid version. He shares his growth once a while and it's insane. Additionally, he opened a closed Slack group just for the paid subscribers. I'm there and it's extremely valuable. Amazing people and endless insights I wouldn't be able to find elsewhere.

He charges $15 per month or $100 per year and has a few thousands of paid subs. Borrom line, this price is people pay him for one article per week.

I recommend you to follow him a bit to get some inspiration.