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Discussion on: Explain Redux like I'm five

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Antonio Radovcic

You make a list of every friend you have and give them a number how much you like them.

Tommy: 5
Billy: 3
Sara: 2
Zak: 8

You write down all the things your friends could do, and how it would change their number.

Giving me a doll: +1
Breaking my toy-car: -2
Inviting me to a birthday: +3

Sara gives you her transformer-doll.

Now you like Sara more (+1).

Instead of striking out the number on your old list, you decide to write a new list, with the current numbers.

Tommy: 5
Billy: 3
Sara: 3
Zak: 8

You do this every time you like a friend more or less.

You keep all the old lists in your folder, so you can see which friend you liked more or less in the past.