re: Is it a good idea to leave your "digital fingerprint" in a company's project? VIEW POST


Never never ever leave your name or any personal info in a source-file, when it's not you coding for yourself, or your companies' workflow dictates it.

(I know some Gamedevs add names to TODO-Items)

You never know who might touch, copy, change the file, how long it will be around, who is going to use or misuse it, curse at you because they need to debug it.


Well, if the code is versioned they will find you anyway :D


Yes bad enough. It depends on company-policy, but in theory you don't have to commit with an identifiable name.

a lot of people are identifiable through their github accounts and anyhow if it's a colleague taking over your code there are easier ways to know who was the previous developer, they can just ask 🤣

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