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Yes, please!

Sometimes you just don't want anyone posting their opinion below your article. By allowing comments, you're giving your audience to potentially everybody. This might not always be ideal, especially for sensible topics. That's why I would highly appreciate a disable-comments-flag.

Anyone can post a new article with a response to their followers if they wish.


One of the reasons to allow comments always is that if you post something that is wrong (anyone can make mistakes), you need to know and people should let you know about it. Otherwise we'd be filled with info we don't know is reliable if no one is able to contradict it. That kind of sounds more on the faith side than the peer-review side of things. Imagine a peer-review meeting where your peers are not allow to disagree with you :)


people should let you know about it

Mind to find the example of that on and point me out to it?

The best you can expect here trying to correct the author is the email from core team saying you’d better shut up because of CoC and all your comments hereinafter grayed out.

Unless you state your objections in the form that implies you generally agree with “2×2≡5” and the author should write more, and everything is great.

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