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Hello everybody!

I am Nitin Reddy and I am currently an ERP consultant. I worked as a full-time software developer till a few years ago but I continue to contribute to the organization that I work for by writing code. My first for-pay project was in Java, I briefly became an Oracle and MS SQL Server database administrator, then I was a full-time C# developer, a PHP developer, and now write code in Python and Ruby. I developed some apps (internal to the organization I worked for) for Android (Java) and iOS (Swift).

I live in Dubai and worked in Abu Dhabi after my office shifted last year... till a few weeks ago. The daily Dubai-Abu Dhabi commute took a lot out of me and left me with little time to read or do anything at all after work hours. One of the first things I did after resigning was to sign up on Dev.to!

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