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Count me in on the survey audit. I'd love to provide feedback if useful.

Some questions - and since I don't know the audience for your survey, I'll just go a bit crazy here.

1/ (As users) Do you prefer using mobile web or finding the native app to install, when you want to interact with a specific service (e.g., Maps, GrubHub, Spotify etc.). Given growth of PWA am curious about this trend

2/ (As users) What do you understand about GDPR and Data Privacy affordances for the web services you use? Do you perform regular audits on your data profiles?

3/ (As users) What browser do you use -- on desktop? on mobile? elsewhere (e.g., Kindle, tablet, tv). What are the top 3 sites that you visit via a browser on a regular basis? The type of site (travel, news and music) is probably good enough.

4/ (As developers) What frameworks & tools are you currently using for web development? Why (was it your choice, or was it a preset team/project configuration you had to work with)

5/ (As developers) What is your opinion of Web Components? Are you using it currently or planning to build/use any custom elements in your apps?

6/ (As developers) What is your opinion of multi-platform? (I define this as any framework/platform that lets me build multiple apps from one codebase, where each app targets a different device platform). Do you work on (or co-ordinate with) any teams on building a unified solution across mobile and web native platforms?

7/ (As developers) How do you approach the design problem? (a) You have a dedicated design team, (b) You get design guidance that you them implement, (c) You do your own design e.g, using some UI toolkit or support framework.

8/ (As developers) Ditto for the deployment/devOps problem.

9/ (As designers) What is your biggest challenge creating UI/UX for cross-platform usage (e.g., assume top modern browser platforms = Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera). What are your favorite design tools & sites?

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