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This Follow Friday initiative has been interesting to me because I have not made an explicit effort to find and follow folks. Rather I tended to explore tags and read articles under them. So I decided I would use this tag to start a new practice of intentional discovery = find at least one new person to follow each week through one article of theirs that resonated.

But first my core follows:

Follow @ben - the development engine behind and someone from whom I've learnt a lot not just about platform architecture and growing/scaling ideas with intent, but also about how to engage in a tech community with empathy.

ben image

Follow @jess - the community engine behind and someone who literally curates the top posts on making it easier for all of us to find people, content and topics weekly. Also one of the most fun people to find at conferences and hang out with. Plus stickers.

jess image

My follow for the week: @lynnetye - I read this post from Lynne on how she stopped procrastinating, learnt to code and launched her first product - and it was inspiring. Also think her posts with focus on helping folks find teams & roles that fit their values, is worth reading

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Follow me if you are interested in: Google technologies (#Flutter, #PWA and #TensorFlow / #CloudML are top of mind right now) or if you have an interest in public speaking, conference/event organizing or POC-in-tech opinions :-)

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