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This really reminds me of myself. 17 years old but I can relate to the time from 12 years old till now.

Disappointing thing isn't patience for me, it was money. Never had enough to get something going as a prototype due to my struggles with my parents and my pride keeping me away from their financial help.
2 years later from the first project, the main winning feature showed up in Instagram.

However, ended up earning an internship to work on the second project with a team before starting college.

Lovely article, and quite touching at first!



Money was a huge issue for me and my family growing up as well. But my background made the perseverance part much easier once I "made it" in the industry. The money issues with my family also fueled my impatience (and they continue to). I'm desperate to help my mom retire.


This was the best thing I could read right now. 100% relatable. Helping my mom retire is a large portion of my daily motivation and inspiration to wake up every morning and compete against my yesterday. Money kept me away from developing my talent in Software Engineering for some years, but I am happy that I have slowly been able to merge myself with the industry. Once I find a full-time job as a developer, I feel that will be the catalysis for me to hone my skills to a much higher level.

Do you mind me asking how you β€œmade it” in the industry, please? Thank you.

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