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Discussion on: 5 Reasons Why Front-end Is So Hard

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Nicolas Torres

I don't write tests for front-end on end projects. Usually a Storybook (or equivalent) is enough as you document all props with examples, so you know when it breaks and fix it. Front-end tests are much of a hassle for very volatile components.

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Javier Riveros

Agree with you, frontend testing always has been for me a pain

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I always write tests. I find they're only a pain if you don't write testable code in the first place...

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Jordan Brennan Author

There’s certainly easy unit testing that can and should be done, UI component tests are relatively easy too, but there’s a lot of real world cases that are really really hard to mock (browser history, latency handling, failing API calls (i.e. the “error” in zero-1-2-1000-error) and unintentional visual regressions can be very tough catch, especially cross-browser and cross-device. All technically possible, but extremely difficult to maintain

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Kinanee Samson

I find projects built with angular quite easy to test.

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but you have to hold your nose when using angular. The stink!