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Discussion on: 5 Reasons Why Front-end Is So Hard

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Nicolas Torres

Architecture is hard, CSS is hard. It takes years of practice to fully understand CSS subtleties, and even though you've became comfortable, you end up quite often with dies and retries. Architecture may be the most challenging, because a single change in business rules can trigger the need for a big refactoring, no matter how good you've planned ahead potential evolutions.

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Jordan Brennan Author

Yeah, still a challenge even today for sure. Lots of popular architectures, but they all seem to fall into one kind of extreme or another.

I’ve settled into a hybrid kind of architecture over the years: barebones Express that handles auth and then bootstraps the main SPA with core data and/or server-renders some other simple pages where necessary, all assets over CDN. Repeat the architecture as your product offering gets too big.