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Discussion on: How I made Xper - A RealTime Code Deployer and Code Editor

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NoMoreDeps • Edited

I think would be tough not impossible but tough because it needs to build an app for multiple device and update it

React native was just an example, the point is at a low level, when you watch files / folders the OS will raise changes on an event base approach, that's why a watcher in webpack / or typescript can monitor a change in a node_module folder very quickly, it does not really depend on the amount of file (It is, but hundred is not a big deal at all).

You have to broadcast changes so even with 100 devices the result is not less accurate.
I did the same for online gaming system with deployment on about 5000 test targets.

The second point is that you keep Firebase as a choice, but to be usable you need to think with a more abstract level view, with a data-provider approach to allow docker feature, local dev feature or internal use in company that do not want to share outside the code. Your tool is named Xper after all.

You got something interesting, don't hide the potential.

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Jaagrav Author

I see what you're saying, we should be able to do whatever we do while coding on our computer locally but on the web, for that we would be needing an amazing backend which can handle a huge amount of files and also be able to install packages. My idea is not this robust, it's about multiple files and that's where it ends but that's not real coding right? It's going to be only for beginners like Xper is. Being able to install packages, use the command line and still saving everything on cloud is what we want to build, what we can refer to as extreme programming, well that's got a huge potential but at the same time it's going to be very robust project to work on.

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