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The Best Paranormal Romance Ebooks That You Must Have In Your Collection

Long gone are when people used to read only classic novels, Shakespearean dramas, and mystery books. With the introduction of several online reading platforms, you can now explore several other genres, like the paranormal niche. It is mainly related to the supernatural, fiction, ghosts, dark thrillers, and mysteries. Furthermore, you can find paranormal histories, kids' fantasy books, paranormal romance eBooks, and so on. If you love this particular genre and would like to expand your collection, you can take a look at the below-listed stories.

Dark Lover: J.R. Ward

This book will find most of the aspects that readers expect from a paranormal romance book. Be it enigma, thrill, or bloodbath, the plot does contain exciting elements that prevent the story from becoming mundane. From the name itself, you can understand that it's a dark romance, and the male character is full of muscles, a brooding personality, and a dominant nature.

Slave to Sensation: Nalini Singh

If you are looking for books with Werewolf romance, you must try out this novel from Nalini Singh. The plot involves the werewolf and the vampire, making it more challenging, intriguing, and mysterious. The characters resemble shapeshifters with elemental powers, normal humans, and psychic people. The story is not something deep and rich with emotions. It's a simple paranormal book that is easy to understand and will help you to divulge into the fantasy land for a short time.

Once Burned: Jeaniene Frost

This is one of the best paranormal romance eBooks that you should have in your collection. Vlad is the main protagonist of this story, and he is an old-school, dangerous, and mighty vampire. Even though the plot resembles that of several other Dracula stories, Once Burned will not disappoint you. Frost has ensured to frame Vlad's character so that the readers can feel the predatory nature of a vampire along with the softer and more humane side of a man. Throughout the book, you will find several overwhelming moments that might fill your heart with real emotions.

Pleasure Unbound: Larissa Lone

Even though it's an adult and mature love story eBook with lots of intimacy and romantic scenes, you won't get bored by a bit. The plot revolves around a demon slayer named Tayla Mancuso, who has a deep desire for having sexual intimacy. But out of her fears, she never took the first step and allowed her passions to remain unsatiated. One day, when she landed up in the hospital for demons, she instantly found a connection with the doctor who saved her. However, as the story progressed, it was seen that Tayla had to prove her loyalty to other demons, and for that, she had to betray the only man that showed interest in her.

Discover The Best Paranormal eBooks Now!

The paranormal genre is one of the most diverse and exciting collections that will never allow you to get bored. Be it the supernatural love story eBook or the vampire fan fiction; you will get the chance to delve deep into a world of imagination with the supernatural. So, make up your mind and get the best book that has caught your eyes.

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