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I agree with you in most of the cases... I think it is important to be able to turn a little bit off. Just focus on 9-5 job to deliver as much value as you can there and take a rest in your free time. Do your hobby, be with your family and just get away from your computer.

However for lot of us developing products or tools is more than a job. We do it with a passion what makes us motivated to do some research for our own outside of our full-time work.

The key is that you have to decide what you really want. If you are passionated about learning tech stuffs or you are self learner or just your company doesn't support you to learn and improve your skills during work hours then yes you will need to invest more time into this field.


Thanks for stopping in!

Ya I think those that are motivated and passionate enough to get out there and learn/grow/create on their own time is awesome and inspiring and I hope they never loose that drive. Additionally I agree being able to turn it off is incredibly important!


What is also good to mention that if you push hard in a long term there is a huge potential to burnout quickly. So thats another reason why you have to keep the balance.

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