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Discussion on: Suggest me the right Linux distro

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honestly, DONT switch to linux, try to make it work with windows

if hd is trash, save up and replace with small and performant ssd, even the slowest ssd is light years ahead of spinning metal

WSL is also an option on windows for cli goodnes ( it's not great but it can do the job up to a certain point )

DO switch to linux if you want to learn about tech, os architecture, semi-forgoten art of cli, open source in general..

for example - redshift is just an application, if you couldn't make it work on ubuntu, switching distro probably wont solve that, so you will need to educate yourself and learn how to configure and setup software on your own ( online documentation is usually there, but sometimes it's not )

clipboard thing? you reserach it and set it up for yourself..

Modern desktop linux env. like Gnome ( whish is used in Ubuntu ) or KDE will thrash that same HD, maybe not as much as Windows, but they will do it. You can go with lighter environment, but they often don't have all of the amenities of a modern desktop and you usually need to know what you are doing when using those ( you learn just like evr. else )

so, yeah, making a change out of something negative is never a good thing.. if you feed up with windows, try to work it out, buy better parts for comp, I have one of the cheapest ssd (25$) I could find and win 10 flies on that thing

but if you want to change because you want to learn, then full-steam ahead, and remmember, different linux distros are under the hood all the same.. pick whichever and stick with it