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Discussion on: How to plan your dev career

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Please DON'T follow tech trends!

Actually, not following trends but gathering relevant info and deciding with clear head based on that info should be preffered way of making decisions in general life, not just careerwise.

Absolutely DO code and hack on anything you like and with little luck, you will find a way for someone to pay you. It will also keep you energetic and curious which is most important because if burnout hits, It hits hard.

Also educate yourself as much as you can on the base technologies of your field. Tech today is extremely wide and deep and you can easily lose yourself if you don't follow your gut feeling. If it feels bad, than ususally it is bad and you should move on, sooner rather than later

Keep in mind that any "new and vastly superior new tech" can be liquid cancer in 5 years time. On my previous job there was one, very big project stuck in maintenance limbo because nobody wanted anything to do with it - was some zombie Angular, outdated and with no clear upgrade path with bunch of custon sh** piled on top of it. When starting it they went with the "new and exciting" and 2 years later it was dead, decisions were badly done, client was lost.

Let other people chase trends, you focus on chasing good and healthy attitude and squigly lines on monitor that can make you smile and think you're glad you choose this profesion. Oportunity usually follows because everybody wants to work with this kind of people

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Jeniffer Carvalho Author

Hello, NBM! Thanks for sharing your case. I absolutely agree with you. You shouldn't choose technology with blind eyes. You must study if it is a good fit for your case. This article is for beginners who don't know what to learn first, or what path to choose. If you are an experienced developer you should be able to decide which technology best solves your problem.