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I'm yet to install Catalina yet (I'm still on High Sierra, forever the kind of person who refuses to move until I'm forced to.) but I am really interested in some of the iPad connectivity features.

I am a little anxious about the cross-compatibility with iPadOS apps and macOS. On the one hand it seems like neat functionality to have, since there are undoubtedly apps and games on there that people would like to enjoy on their Mac, but I worry that it might lead to a trend of less Mac-first applications being designed, instead opting to build those oriented for touchscreen interfaces with Mac usage being an afterthought. Hopefully I'm wrong. (I don't install software from the App Store anyway, so it doesn't really matter)

The switch in shell is interesting, but I don't really think it makes too much difference. The dropping of built-in Python, Perl, and Ruby interpreters is interesting too, but I assume Apple sees it as redundant as most people install more up-to-date versions themselves via Brew, etc. anyway.


All your points are valid and i can not deny but again, i would say that it depends on person to person.
Let's hope for best to come for all of us.

Thank you for your views.

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