re: Do you code on the weekend? How often, what’s your routine like? VIEW POST


Gonna go against the grain here.

I'll do some reading or personal project stuff if I want to, but I won't feel guilty about spending the weekend however I like. It's my time that I've earned to spend however I wish, and if I want to spend time with friends, or lie in bed and eat marshmallows, you bet I'm gonna do it!


This is my attitude, as well. I often work on personal programming projects or contribute to open sourced projects. But if I want to be a lazy bum all weekend, I don't feel guilty about it.


I really need to lean not feeling guilty about not coding in my free time. I've multiple personal projects that I've never finished.


Gotta agree. I really like having no routine on weekends. Anything's game: get up to something with friends, chill out alone, work on a hobby project...


I really need to do more reading. Not just articles on here but books 📚. Lol 😆

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