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Launch your own dropshipping store, for free.

notrab profile image Jamie Barton Updated on ・1 min read

Today I am incredibly pleased to announce that has launched.

It's free, and available to build with today over on GitHub.

Build your own Headless eCommerce storefront with Next.js and Snipcart, and deliver swag powered by Printful. End to end commerce, styled using TailwindCSS and deployed on Vercel.

It has lots of great features, and all you need to do is create your inventory, connect your payment gateway, and click deploy!

  • Realtime shipping prices
  • Secure payments
  • Automatic fulfillment
  • Built with Next.js
  • Cart & Checkout with Snipcart
  • Styled with Tailwind CSS
  • Fully Typed
  • Recover abandoned carts
  • One click deploy

I launched over on Product Hunt if you want to support me there also. I'd love any questions or comments 💜

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