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The Linux kernel community is a place without office politics, without subtle subtexts, without primate dominance dynamics.


Any talk about Linux's relationship to Microsoft has always been a primate-dominance-fight. Same reason why the stock Linux kernel dumps dmesg too-fast-to-read to the terminal. And, of course, you're engaging in monkey dominance posturing by posting that sentence.

Sometimes, it can become an intra-subjective fact, like how people's belief that something is fit-for-purpose can lead to them building the tooling that makes it true (that's why C, with its many extensions and compiler optimizations, is better for OS development than anything else currently is, even if we'd be better off if Ada had won). This stuff can sometimes make my head hurt, too, and I'm not even on the spectrum.

Having Aspergers means you have trouble reading social cues. It doesn't mean you don't commit logical fallacies just as badly as the rest of us.

And, most importantly, none of those previous paragraphs are a dig at you or at LKML. Acting like a person isn't wrong, and if you feel safer there than in other places that value politeness more highly, that's cool, that's important, and that's doesn't conflict with spelling out, in so many words, common forms of discrimination that are not allowed. Just drop the "I achieved nirvana" shtick.


Off-topic, but what do you mean by

Same reason why the stock Linux kernel dumps dmesg too-fast-to-read to the terminal.

I don't see why that's a problem? If something crashes, you get the last lines right in front of you, and if you want to review it later you can, so why is this a bad thing?


Unfortunately, you did not get the message. That’s fine, just drop the “I know how” shtick.


The OP is afraid of accidentally pissing someone off, and thinks that the CoC means that he'll be banished for it.

Am I wrong?

IMHO you are absolutely wrong.

The OP is mostly insulted by the feeling that Linus (and some others) were literally harassed and enforced to do things that make them unhappy.

I am pretty sure OP had never nearly pissed someone off and had less than zero plans to do that in the future.

That's not the story Linus tells. And I think it's an insult, especially to someone who prides himself on his thick skin, to claim that the Twitter mob made him do it.

That mail says that the CoC change was made because the code of conflict had made the kernel summit less fun.

Though, thanks. You're right. I think I was missing the point.

I know what story tells Linus (I hope you somehow assumed I had it read before.) I see the highlight of the Linus’ email in:

Maybe I can get an email filter in place so at when I send email with curse-words, they just won't go out. Because hey, I'm a big believer in tools, and at least some problems going forward might be improved with simple automation.
I know when I really look “myself in the mirror” it will be clear it's
not the only change that has to happen, but hey... You can send me
suggestions in email.

I see this as a bitter irony, nearly trolling. I might be wrong, but hey, I might be right as well. And even if we just imagine the world where I am right, we’d immediately see what am I trying to express by pushing the OP and saying all that crap I am saying here.


Yes, these are valid difficulties, but Edward is describing a nostalgia which cherry picks.

The Linux community is struggling with "some big change all of a sudden", but it didn't happen until after this technology became globally dominant. The healthy approach would have been to grow and mature as a project along with its success, in the Linux way, but because the community clung to values that don't scale, they ultimately had less control over the outcome.

Unwillingness to change at all, meant that they couldn't stay ahead of these issues. Linux could have lead the way instead of putting up a fuss and succumbing to their own success.

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