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re: you seem happy enough with it Nah, I am not. Ask @ben : I was nearly banned twice, I was personally emailed by core team members to stop exposing...

I really don't care about the specific distinction between Nazi Germany and the Spanish Inquisition. It's the same non-argument, comparing online harassment to a state-sponsored atrocity. They are both bad, but they are not anything near the same.

I'm curious about how "nearly" those near-bans were. I've had plenty of conversations with the mods (not here, not been around long enough, but in similarly strongly-moderated forums), and participated in threads that got locked. It's actually really difficult to get banned from a place like this, and I expect LKML will be the same. Lots of warnings and locks, very few bans.

You might care or don’t care about whatever you want, you might even claim that 2×2=5 and live in that particular axiomatics, but the communication is easier when people use the same meaning of words and that’s where the vocabulary comes to the scene. Godwin’s law mentions Hitler. Period.

I'm curious about how "nearly" those near-bans were.

Ad hominem arguments are great to bully the person but they rarely if never help to prove anything. It does not really matter ‘how "nearly" those near-bans were,’ what actually matters is ‘how insulting they were.’

That’s the point I advocating for and that’s IMHO the main point of the OP.

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