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Cookie Clicker Hack How to hack Cookie Clicker for beginners.

novachief101 profile image Novachief ・1 min read

You're a beginner, you want to do something fun? Here it is. How to hack Cookie Clicker.

Open up the console (F12). Now, first a bit of explanation here, everything game related is stored in a variable called Game in Cookie Clicker. For example- Game.cookies and Game.cookiesEarned.

Now that I have told you that, you probably have set those to Infinity, so, here's a list-

  1. Game.cookies- You know what this means
  2. Game.cookiesEarned- The number of cookies you ever earned
  3. Game.handmadeCookies- I have no idea
  4. Game.heavenlyCookies- Heavenly cookies
  5. Game.lumps- Sugar Lumps

Here's what I made-

setInterval(() => {
  Game.cookies /= 2
}, 5000)

There are other things but it's just that they aren't as fun. Enjoy!


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This game is working? Wow, how many years it has? XD