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The best way to learn Ruby is by writing it. Choose an idea for an app and build it. When you encounter an error, Google search the error and fix it.

Here are a few good Rails resources, starting with the docs. <-- Best practices for security <--- Best practices for running in production


Amen to that.

This advice is true for most techs and languages but Rails has a huge community and docs/tutorial all over the place, it's really easy to get into it by starting a project and using trial and error to learn.

I'll add another thing: use a linter. It's a very good way to enforce best practices, I recommend using Rubocop. Again, that's general advice for a lot of techs/languages but Ruby gets really interesting when done "the Ruby way".


Thanks for the advise 👍 I know it's super awesome that there is so much material avalible! it's almost crazy, which is awesome but kinda makes me don't know what end to start at 😋


Tnx for you'r insights 😀 This was exactly what I was looking for 👍

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