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I wrote a book about learning React!

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Hey everyone!

I wrote a book about making web application using React. It's called React Distilled, and it explores the fundamental principles of React systematically in 7 days.

This book provides a structured learning where you learn React each day through both small, focused sample code and creating a piece of larger application.

The book distills the most important topic to learn about React, so you don't have to painstakingly browse the web, looking for pieces of React knowledge to build a fully working application.

The 7 parts will have the following content:

Day 1 - React 101, a practical introduction of React fundamentals

Day 2 - Routing, how to make navigation works and in sync with Browser URL

Day 3 - Form and Input Controls, to learn about accepting, validating, and submitting user inputs

Day 4 - React lifecycle functions, to learn the lifecycle of components and their uses

Day 5 - Using Firebase as React backend service, to learn how React can interact with backend services

Day 6 - Adding Firebase Authentication, to secure your application from anauthorized access

Day 7 - Optimizing and deploying, where you will deploy DGBook into Netlify

React Distilled considers your time important, and will actually make you understand how to create a React application from start to finish in one week, not months!

Accompanied with a source code of React project that mirror patterns of React application you'll most likely encounter in your job as a software developer, you'll be able to clearly see React's strength when building reusable and reactive user interfaces.

By finishing the book and inspecting the code, You'll have a strong grasp of React's fundamental and you'll be able to tackle any React project with confidence!

More details here

(Also, it's 28% off until 7th March 2019!)

Thanks for reading everyone ๐Ÿ˜

I'll get back to writing more React tutorials here in the future!

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This looks good! Will definitely take a look! I've been wanting to learn React the right way for quite some time now. I think this will help me =)


If you give me a free copy, I'll write a detailed review of the book for Dev.to


You might want to correct your location first, Suraj