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Sorry, but this is so typical for 2018. A woman writing an article how to get a job, cheating the process. This is an insult to all capable women, who earned respect by actually having skills, not using "side ways to get in". SJWs do that.

Besides - the described picture of a crowd, that nobody wants to let in is so wrong, it's beyond belief. Companies are struggling to find capable people. Everywhere in the world. And yet here you are describing a night club instead of a startup...

Edit - I just checked your website and it explains everything - you ARE a SJW...


Cheating? Are you deranged?

The normal process of sending job applications etc. is flawed in so many ways that nobody should want to take part in it.

If you really want into a specific company, showing that you're interested in THEM is definitely going to boost your chances, for a good reason.


I assume, you're not a software developer, nor you owe a company and you never tried to hire capable developers to work on your projects.

I guess now is the time for you to be schooled on how far assumptions will get you.

I am in fact:

  • A software developer
  • Owner of a company
  • Both currently hiring and having hired many people in the past

As if any of these things were in any way relevant. Trolls like you are why people need to earn internet privileges.

So let me ask then - are you deranged? You owe a company and instead of fixing your hiring process you rely on "funny" methods, where people try to "hack" through your broken methodology to get hired?

I don't "owe" anything, I "own" a company. Also you're not saying anything worth listening to, so I'm not going to continue this.

Thank you for correcting my spelling and confirming the rest of my post.

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