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Ah true, I did speak only from my own experiences and point of view. Your comment is a welcome nuance to mine. And I assure you, I very much appreciate where I live and am not blind to the realities of the world around me.

But even though I appreciate your comment, I feel the need to point out that it seems overly confrontational. Your message would be more easily accepted if you took a calmer approach.


That's not an apology. "sorry you're offended" is never an apology.

Exactly. It’s specifically called a non-apology. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-apolog...

Try not to do this in a professional environment, folks! It happens a lot which is why I mention it, and it’s a huge problem... Especially if you’re “calling someone out” for responding to criticism in a way you don’t like. It just adds fuel to the fire.

It’s something most people do without realizing it. Try and take a few moments before responding with “apologies” to see if you might be giving a fauxpology because, chances are, you’re response could escalate things. And if you’re entire point is to comment on how someone is already escalating things... Well, you can see the cycle.

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