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I'm not one to say everybody needs to be getting into open source, but contributing is is a really nice notch on a resumé.

I think this post highlights how simple it can be.


The number 1 thing recruiters and employers tell me is open-source contributions to a codebase that is a full web-application (not a toy project). contributions are the perfect addition to your résumé.


I have created a web app that offers full CRUD functionality. I wrote it in Laravel, with the front-end in Laravel Blade. It allowed me to get my first full-stack developer job, because I became exposed to a modern framework!


Awesome! I think I’ll look into implementing something like that, in a language I typically use.


This might not answer the question directly, but my blog has definitely helped me out in this aspect.

It shows that you are one, capable to write something and two, able to talk and explain it.

Otherwise, OS projects are always good. Especially if you can find an inclusive community to help you out. You'll probably learn a lot more than you expect that way.


I have participated to an open source project (Firefox Android / Mozilla).
You will learn a lot of things that you can discuss during your job interviews.


I’ve contributed to a number of small projects, but never a larger one like that!

I think that’s definitely a great way to get experience.

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