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Svelte - really powerful compiler-framework without virtual DOM and runtime, with pretty syntax and easy in first steps development.
Also, it fully compatible with HTML custom elements.


Checked it out as Rich Harris (the creator of Svelte) was sharing his knowledge everywhere.

The tutorial was just pure bliss.


Awesome! I’d heard of Svelte, but had never used it before, and I think I’m going to give it a try now that you mention it.

Thanks for the comment!


Update — I wrote a small project in Svelte, and I’m really enjoying the organization provided by the component structure, and the JavaScript bindings and events!


Agreed, I tried tinkering with Svelte and so far I find it running smoothly and it's beginner friendly. Definitely recommend everyone to check it out.


I have been hearing a lot of buzz about Svelte! Does anybody know of a showcase of code and what people build with it??


True, I've enjoyed using Svelte for some personal stuff.

Of course, it's a long way before it can match Vue, React or Angular. I hope IDEs will provide first-class support for it soon.


Stenciljs although given that it's starting to be used by companies like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Redhat/IBM, etc it feels like it's starting to come out of the woods.

All the benefits of Frameworks (router, PWA creation, starter apps, etc) with little of the bloat, using web components.


Not sure if you'd consider (Stimulus)[] non-mainstream but it's definitely not as big or popular as React and Vue. It's pretty awesome! I've used it in a few projects now and can't wait to use it in more.


I have started tinkering with svelte and love it.

I love how it gets out of my way, doesn't big me down with a million things before I've even got started and just flows with my mindset easier.

The thing I love the most so far is it feel likes I'm actually writing javascript if you know what I mean.

I'm also interested in hyperhtml and will learn that soon.


I tried Svelte yesterday after one of the other commenters pointed it out ... and I must say, I love it.

And, hyperhtml? I can’t want to try that one out. Thanks!


I just started learning the Giraffe framework for F#:

It is pretty cool, I like F# too. Eventually I would like to a project with the SAFE stack too! Just heard about it on the .NET Core Podcast:

What do you guys think??


I think this is really neat! I’ve never used F# before, but I’m sure to look into it!


elm! Simple, elegant, functional, quick, like a simple version of Haskell made for webdev. I work mostly with elm all day and couldn't be happier about it


Aurelia - standards based. Less framework specific code than most. Google wont cancel the project in a few months ;)


I am all about re-frame for ClojureScript. It just makes so much sense to me.


CanJS. Modern and quite stable. Always an easy upgrade path.

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