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Discussion on: Be good at one thing, not average at everything

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Steven Yung Author

Hello Lily,

Regarding your issue on reading someone else code, I think it's normal that you have difficulties following someone else code, particularly when you start coding. Even I have difficult time understanding but I have the reflex to look for function I don't understand now. It's a normal step in the learning process so don't get discourage too much about this. Like in languages, there is a few words you will not understand but still understand the general meaning of the sentence. If you manage to at least understand the general meaning of the code, it's already a good step forward.

For your issue with learning C++, be careful that your school will actually teach you C++ as it seems weird to me that C++ will be used in backend. Maybe you mixed up with C# ?

Anyway whatever technologies will be taught to you, if you attend school, focus on what the school is teaching you. Programming is already overwhelming as is. Don't add up more complexity by spreading focus, particularly in the beginning.

If you have any questions or anything on your mind, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter (
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Thank you Steven for replying!!!! Maybe I am confused now at what my friend told me...It is so overwhelming to learn this but it's rewarding! I am so happy to have found a community like this one to get help and really really appreciate the information you shared! I will keep going and will for sure reach out to you if I ever get stumped on anything! Hope you don't mind!

much much thanks!!

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Steven Yung Author

Keep on the positive vibe, I'm sure you will make it 💪😊