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Ethan's Weekly Software Engineering Journal (Week of 7/24/22 - 7/30/22)

Things I learned and worked on this week!



  • 8 kyu rank JS CodeWars, Git and WSL practice
  • Fixed a batch script for hackathon project - syntax error, Google-fu ftw
  • Found IBM developer content when researching batch scripts, cURL and REST APIs. Really great resource for learning.
  • I watched the video on REST APIs to help me understand them.
  • Pushed HTML and CSS layouts to GitHub and tried out GitHub pages so I could host to test this out some more.


  • 8 kyu rank JS CodeWars, Git and WSL practice
  • Met with NCR Hackathon team to go over presentation, final code and record video of idea.
  • Picked up on working on my portfolio website on Netlify. Scrapped the old HTML5up template I was using after finding one I wanted to try out called Paradigm Shift. I figured out how to setup continuous deployment by connecting the source code from GitHub to Netlify, so when changes are pushed to the GitHub repo, they are then deployed to Netlify. I also figured out how to keep track of form submissions entered on the site.

I've been busy with life lately. Finding documenting everything I study and/or work on can be rather time consuming. This whole blog thing has been an experiment in itself I suppose.

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