How to learn to create Progressive Web Apps?

Divyesh Parmar on July 03, 2018

Hello everyone, I have been practicing to create web apps with Node.js and Express.js and I am also practicing to create those with Python Django... [Read Full]
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I recently followed this tutorial by @pixeline . It's an incredibly simple explanation, and I added PWA capabilities to my site in a few minutes.


I'm glad you found it useful and simple enough! Cheers, Alex :-)


Thank you mate! I'm noting it down


As the name sort of hints at very very subtly, every web app is a progressive web app. The key part being "progressive". The term PWA was a trendy term coined to describe an "era" in web development where a large amount of web sites add in functionality that was previously only available to native applications.

So making a PWA™ doesn't have any set in stone requirements, but are most notably distinct from typical web sites by having a web app manifest, various things you can do with a service worker which include working offline, background sync, push notifications, and more.

I could be wrong since I know most about the purely Web side of things, but as far as I know, Hydrid apps refers to "native" apps that run as an actual native binary but only implement a headless browser window, and react native converts your JSX into native code that uses the host OS's actual windowing system instead of browser's renderer.


Wow this is the pure explanations that let me understand everything. Thank you so much.


You’re welcome! I’m so glad it helped :D

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