A python journey. Episode 1

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I've been coding for a long time. Longer than python has been around. I've always had it on a todo list somewhere, but never got around to it. Strangely enough, I worked in finance most of that time, but in the systems side, not the ops side. We didn't use python. It's not often you hear someone saying that today but we didn't.

These days I typically:

  • attend meetings
  • work on resourcing & planning
  • do one-to-ones
  • chase people to provide a list of things they're looking to get training on, find wins for each side on those lists and secure time and funding for training.
  • Appraisals
  • Technical recruitment.

What got me into IT? Coding. What's the one thing missing today? Coding. What's the one thing I'd start teaching my kids about to help them find their way past being a digital consumer? Coding. See where this is going?

Pandemic pandemonium has got everyone frantically trying to LinkedIn an evidentiary certificate of 'not wasting time', be recognised and that's great because we should be learning constantly. I've decided it's now time to wipe away excuses, stop the PoC concepts in 4 or 5 other languages that I wont have time for and commit myself to learn python and document it a little.

For the first episode, I've decided to avoid the usual installation and hello world stuff because millions have done it well, done it to death. There is nothing more I can add to the topic of brew versus Conda versus Windows Versus Mac and so on that is insightful.

For clarity, I'm using a mac and I installed with Anaconda. That's left me with a bunch of brew warnings which is quite annoying but it's a known issue and should be resolved in the future.

If you've accidentally stumbled across this and got to here thank you for reading, I hope the following articles provide more actual python content. Thank you for your time.

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