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Discussion on: WOW 😱 This pop-up is so nice

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Kacper Ochmański • Edited

"Love it", "Amazing", really? You were amazed by this content? What are you gonna do with the rest of your life now? You guys went right for the top shelf with your words. What if you experience something truly amazing? What are you gonna call that?

This comment is based on Louis CK's "The way we talk" segment from "Hilarious", if anyone's wondering.

I'm not trying to heckle @jeremymonatte . It's the comment section that shivers down my spine. I wasn't sure why I've always kept avoiding, I know the answer now.

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Astonishing comment ! I'm in awe !!!

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why are you angry bro ? if you didnt like it just ignore it ,that's it.
its very simple ...

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That's an American way to talk :)

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Sebastian Vargr

Such magnificent references, I am amazed and profoundly intrigued! /j

More seriously tho, this in an interesting topic.

It's the same problem we get when we priority stack, fx. 1-10.
The numbers used tend to trend higher and higher as time goes by and new things needs to be prioritized in my experience.

Maybe we should stop using adjectives like this altogether,
and instead use relative terms Fx. "this is better than X".
That's a much more expensive thought operation however.

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