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Express. Number 1 reason: JavaScript.

Express > Node > JS
Front end > Feature Framework > JS
Data (JSON) > Database (whether document or SQL) > JS

Using JS for everything from turtle soup to deez nuts was the very first time I heard Full Stack Developer. I'm not bagging on Django in the slightest. It's as big as a honking house, and has all the features. And it hums nicely when you get it wired up the way you want.

But Express and Full Stack JS. . . I mean there's a lot of value in language consistency between deriving your data and displaying it to the user.

Reason #2: JavaScript.
Chrome recently added a node inspector. VSCode editor (near IDE these days) also has an inspector for node. You can have a Node console, while using Nodemon (a server code monitor for restarting), with a server output console, all from within VSCode, without having to set up a dev environment for the node executable or webserving the project.

IOW: The dev environment is simple.

Lastly: I'll bet you thought I was gonna say JavaScript. But it's about the ecosystem.

A couple years ago, JS Fatigue was a thing. There were seemingly DAILY releases of frameworks, tools, etc, and each one was an increment on the last. This has settled down quite a bit. There are still quite a few different and varied tools, but this is mainly from the mindset "Do one thing, do it well". All of these tools that I have used have at least a 7/10 community and support path.

Generally speaking, the brand name JS tools are well supported and have a deep community.

On the other hand, Django . . . would you be using Python 3.6 or 2.7? (The question is sarcastic.)

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