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Discussion on: Being disrespected 🤬 / ignored 😶 in an IT job. What do you do?

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Orian de Wit

In my opinion you can easily become a "senior" regarding a narrow, specialized subject in a limited amount of time.

I've always disliked the concept of these tiers of titles though. It doesn't say anything about your focus: Are you broadly acquainted with many subjects, or highly specialized in one? Are your specializations still relevant and useful?

And flexibility is important as well: I've met many "seniors" whose minds were completely stuck in one paradigm, unwilling to admit that all the little rules they learned over the years might be obsolete.

I personally prefer to speak about specializations rather than just seniority.

What has a person focused on in the last few years, and what have they studied recently? How does that person's focus area and eagerness to innovate connect with the needs of the company?