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re: Solving Japanese learning problems with code VIEW POST


Wow... Would you gimme some tips on learning English? Like I already have the basics and I would like to improve... And I've learnt a bit of Japanese also but didn't manage to know how to read or write... Just learnt through translation or subtitles on animes like Naruto... My native language is Portuguese as well... 😍😍😍 Appreciated your leaning journey... Would you please share your sources?


My English learning path is nothing out of the ordinary at the beginning, I did a English course while I was in high school and spend my free time reading mangas and comics in English, I also talked to people on international forums, practicing my writing. When I went to college I had the opportunity to go to the United States for a year to do an international exchange, so there I practice a lot and where I reached an advanced to fluent level. There wasn't any specific sources than simple practice.

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