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Bit of a shame to see articles like this on dev.to. You can't look anywhere online without seeing some worrying news story about the virus. I just wanted to read some code stuff without being reminded.


And people profiting from clickbait articles to promote themselves.
Seeing all these people and companies try to prioritise profit over health is repulsive


Do you mean the last section of the article? This is the way all posts of mine builds. I am not gonna change it because of the virus. I could say the same about this kind of comment, but whats the point? The virus generates negative emotions, this is understandable, we need to calm down.


Sorry, you can't ignore the impact it has on the global economy which the dev sector is definitely a part of. The virus has a huge impact on dev business and will define how your work routine might look like in the nearest future. Sad, worrying but 100% real.


I feel like you made this article because you knew scared people would click it, rather than a desire to inform people. Nothing in the article really relates to development.

As a freelancer unfortunately some of my clients cancelled or postponed projects for Q2 due to the current situation. The point of the article I think is not to scare people but to be aware of huge change in economics, where all sectors will be affected.

As HUGE our society is, a little virus spreading around is crushing it.

The question that should we ask ourself is: How can we help with development against the virus? How can we be prepared to face the corona virusa as software devs?

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