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Discussion on: What tools do you use for CI/CD? Past experiences, recommendations?

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Omer van Kloeten

I recently had to choose a CI tool for our multi-tech-stack project. I looked at Travis, Circle, TeamCity and Jenkins and ended up going for Jenkins because the first two were not powerful enough and I had past experience with Jenkins.

It's pretty bad. I mean I want to write CI-as-Code and Jenkins lets me do that (with Jenkinsfiles), but the scripting is in Groovy, there are few to no developer tools, documentation is near non-existent and when it is, it's usually outdated, there are five ways to do what you want, but only one of them actually works, and some tech stacks are just not supported at all (so yay bash scripting).

I've been working on it for about a week. It looks like I got it to work, but I'm super unhappy about how it's turning out.