Front end observability. A practical guide to browsers error monitoring with window.onerror 💂‍

omrilotan on September 11, 2019

Front end application code, more than any other, runs on environments we have little to no control over. Each browser has its unique set of attrib... [Read Full]
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Why do you like front-end observability so much? I came across a couple of articles on/by LogRocket when looking into the same topic.

Have you come across them before?


Why do you like front-end observability so much?

Funny question. It's not necessarily that I especially love it as much as it's my current focus at my job. I am a front end developer working in an SRE team and am responsible for aspects of front end reliability including performance, stability and security.
I've read logrocket's articles. I recommend hosted solutions if it makes financial sense.
Since I've had to maintain a propiatery solution in our company, I've learned some traits I think might be helpful for others.

Thanks for the reference tho. 🚀

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