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Do you see some specific skills that you have learned which are useful in both of your specializations?


When you study art history you educate your eyes to colors, shapes, an organization of the elements (how you highlight an element with shadow/light, its position in the canvas...). This education is very useful when I have to think about design especially when you are not a web designer.

In art history, when you do researches, you have to be very strict. Before my studies, I wasn't. And when I started to learn web development, as you can imagine, it was absolutely necessary and it help me a lot!

Another skill to which I think is for a more specific context. My first internship as a front-end developer was for a startup that create websites for art galeries. So, when I arrived, I knew very well (and better than my two colleagues) the clients, what they needed, what kind of visitors were coming in the website and what they were looking for.

Of course, all these skills can be learned without art history, but in my professional career, I was able to switch to web development (and it wasn't easy, especially because I stopped learning and practicing mathematics after my second year in high school) because I had already acquired those skills through art history =)


Great & complex answer, thanks a lot! Hope you enjoy your career :)

I enjoy it a lot, so much things to learn in IT, so exciting every days !!!

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