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[Devlog #001] Moving Away From Gitlab

Before we start with our journey in rewriting OpenPatch, we want to discuss one important issue first: How to get the community involved?

The old codebase of OpenPatch is currently hosted on GitLab ( Even though GitLab is a great platform and we love the integration of pipelines and the container registry, we are not feeling the connection to the community. Simple things like not being able to get involved in the Hacktoberfest ( are a real bummer. Also, many possible contributors are not on GitLab and therefore are more hesitant to contribute.

By moving away from GitLab to GitHub we are hoping to get the community more involved. Also with the introduction of GitHub Actions and GitHub Packages, which are comparable to GitLab pipelines and container registry, we are probably not missing out on many usability aspects.

If you want to know more about the reasoning behind our move to GitHub or our experience with GitLab, feel free to leave a comment.

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manish srivastava

Yes , ... GitLab is a great platform. But l can see, more people are active on GitHub.

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Mike Barkmin Author

It is a shame really and I know that moves like this do not change the situation. Even here on you can just connect your GitHub profile. Maybe GitLab is not meant be a competitor to GitHub in terms of social network capabilities.

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