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Hi Yaser,
I have 2 comments:

  1. I'm not sure that normal curve is the right curve to describe the market.
    assuming that bad engineers can't find a job, or keep losing jobs, they will probably leave the field, while the good ones stay.
    Which would might leave us with a right tail curve, of good and great engineers.
    right tail curve
    As long as you do your best, and you love what you do, that should be enough.

  2. Do yourself and the rest of the DEV community a favor, and don't go to companies who explicitly ask you to work overtime and learn on your free-time, or unrealistic demands like 10x engineers / fullstack devOps developers.
    Companies that ask for that in their job demands should get crickets sounds in response.
    If you will work for such a company you will eventually regret it.

I actually do work overtime, and I do learn a A LOT on my own free-time!
But I do so when I choose to.
I will not even apply to a company that explicitly asks for that. there has to be standards.

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