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re: Good too, haha yeah it feels like that but, hey one day at a time. I'm currently doing the Web Development course on And al...

Yes it does, been using freecodecamp since I started coding, once came across theodinproject but was thinking of finishing he freecodecamp curriculum before starting odinproject. Honestly admire your learning style ability to combine multiple resources at a time. I hope one day I'll get to your level lol. Thanks for sharing and sorry for late reply.

Well I started with theodinproject and back in September. I feel like i'm going through it pretty slowly. I recently felt I was starting to forget the HTML/CSS stuff so I figured i'd review it going thru the freecodecamp course. And I try to listen to podcast on my commute and try to do extra coding stuff while I'm at work. There's a lot of hurry up and wait at my current job. Just try to fill in the gaps in your day to supplement you current learning. Anyway, Hope its going well! :)

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