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Discussion on: What are some good email providers?

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Oscar Ablinger Author • Edited on

Thank you, both of them look really nice.
Improvmx is an interesting and cheap (aka free) route. I dislike that it requires me to set up each email separately however.
I'd much rather be able to just use just like how you can use it with gmail and outlook (e.g.
I can't believe I actually missed that you can do it… I should test whether I can send emails using that domain too with my mail client.

Zoho seems really cheap and trustworthy. I couldn't find whether it supports catch-alls though. Would you know whether it does?

In any ways, thanks for your help :)

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Rachit Khurana • Edited on

No, zoho doesn't support catch all.

And regarding the second option, I think either you didn't understand it correctly or I'm not able to understand what you said. Lemme try to explain again.

you can use improvmx to catch all and send it to your gmail.
and you the smtp server to send emails (from custom domain) right from inside your gmail. You can select your email every time while sending a email

In short you can send & receive emails on your domain right inside your personal gmail for completely free (limited to approx 200 emails per day for sending)

I personally prefer this.

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Oscar Ablinger Author

Yes, sorry, I mistook improvmx for a simple single email alias service. I missed the catch-all option the first time looking through it.
I gave it a second look and it indeed looks pretty promising. Thanks again