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Discussion on: Configure React from Ground Up

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Tomer Ovadia • Edited on

Nice post @linuxnerd !
"For someone new to react, its heaven as that person can solely focus on learning react. For a seasoned/senior developer, it makes more sense to know how the setup works. "

Gotta admit I do not completely agree with you about this CRA statement.

  1. Understanding how things work and configure everything for your project is two different things.
  2. You can always easily eject a CRA to a custom setup at any time.
  3. Both new and experienced developers will enjoy zero time wasting on configurations and focus on writing code.
  4. CRA is a single dependency, that means hassle-free updates for all the main packages with a single dependency.
  5. CRA already includes Webpack, Babel and ESLint (as you mentioned), but it also includes really great packages that creates a cohesive experience (which is ideal for React) on top of them. At some point you will need to put more time around configuring packages like dotenv, jest, svg and more ideal configurations for your react linter.
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Abhishek Prakash Author

Thanks, @otomer for expressing your views!
I completely agree with you, It doesn't make sense to reinvent the wheels. But, in this post, I never advocated against the use of CRA.

This post is more towards getting a clear understanding of how things work by actually doing it.