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Discussion on: Developer Portfolios as Inspiration ✨

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Otu Michael

I am back-end developer with little or no front-end skill.. How do I stand out as the front-end developers do, without design.

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Allison Walker

The more you include in your design, there more there is to criticize.

Go for simplicity over complexity. Focus on responsiveness, accessibility, and performance optimization.

The main thing is to decide what you want your portfolio to accomplish. Why are you making a portfolio?

I also recommend you look around. These are just a handful of examples. There's a really wide breadth of portfolio styles. It's important to know what you like as well as what you don't.

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Daniel Einars

As a front-end dev, having spent my off hours designing my own portfolio website, I'd recommend buying a good design. There's so much to keep in mind when designing that I regret not having done that. It's not that expensive for a few pages (about me/previous work/contact/blog/homepage).

The fancy portfolio designs are for frontend Devs to showcase their skills as designers and implementors. Your main goal is to highlight your experience, previous work and a quick and easy way to reach you. With that in mind I'd reckon it's easier to pay a designer for a individualised way to present these, than it is for you to create one. You can still gather a ton of front-end experience by implementing it.

Hope it helps!

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I disagree with you Daniel,
if you're frontend developer then it's a chance for you to be good at designing and by that practicing on your website. on the other hand if you're backend then I can understand. us frontend devs always work the layouts and UI's so it should be fun.

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Firangiz Ganbarli Author

I agree with Daniel, and also want to add that, if you are not that good at front-end, you have a few options. You can find templates online and customize however you can. Another option would be to keep it simple on the design and front-end. I have seen many portfolios that are just one page, with links to social media and GitHub accounts (or projects). Although I doubt the use of a one page website like that, it can work.