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I am of the opinion that you will always find someone better than you at anything you do.

That doesn't mean that you shouldn't strive to improve by any means, nor does it stop me from suffering from imposter syndrome for that matter but it's always worth remembering.


I think alike. I also believe that the reason why it's hard to realize that is because you must leave behind the idea that being the best in something might make you unique. It's accepting that we are just no more (and no less) than another developer/human being, and it's OK!


Yes! Especially for "gifted kids", I think this is something that takes some time to accept. You may be the biggest fish in your small pond in grade school or college, but the rest of the world is an awfully big pond.


Very very true. There's always someone who's better at one thing you do, and probably better at a few other things you don't do. On the flip-side, there are always some things you're better than that person at, and possibly a few other things they don't do at all.

Some people possess a combination of skills that unlocks a door to millions of dollars or a prize or a scholarship. But those of us who don't possess that combination almost certainly possess a different combination that unlocks many other doors, some which we may have discovered already, others which we have yet to discover in the future.

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