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Hi charles, first thing is, amazing bro. thats really good and im sure you'll be able to find the perfect fit for you.

I think my first tip is, heres the thing, as a junior dev, we don't expect you to know the entirety of the development spectrum. i recommend focusing on one thing and making it you're main selling point. So you know react and thats something that generally a lot of people are looking for. Let's focus on that, and just try and strengthen your skillsets in that general area.

When sending out resumes, DO NOT send out a generic block of text thats meant for everyone. Send out a resume that's tailored tot hat specific company. Some key points to target. Why me? Why React? and Why you?

Why you - Why do you want to work for them. And dont give them some generic one liner that says "In order to grow with your company".
Say something like - I really loved the application you did. ____________ (insert application name here)

you get the drift.

So basically as a junior developer with no proven track record, you have to work 10x as hard trying to secure a job, just because it is 10x as hard for companies to even consider giving you a second look.

Target Individuals and small businesses. Dont apply to large companies that have advertised job postings everywhere.Look at job hiring boards, freelancer boards, even approach someone directly perhaps on a forum or social network that you frequent.

Basically its all about putting 110% of yourself out there.

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