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As the computer I use 2017 Macbook Pro 15", Catalina v10.15.1, 2.8 GHz Intel i7, 16 GB memory.

Chrome for browsing and developer tools.

Sublime Text for text editing with 30+ plugins and bunch of customized snippets and macros. with zsh, oh-my-zsh, zsh-autosuggestions and a lot of customized functions. For instance I type "sshd" or "sshv" and it automatically connects to the ssh servers that I declared.

Tower for Git. I like GUI based Git apps because it's easier adding files, committing and pushing. Also you can always see all the branches, history, stashes etc.

Navicate Premium for database stuff. You can almost connect all type of databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MongoDB. Also you can easily connect to the databases on the AWS, Google Cloud, MongoDB Atlas etc. And it has a data synchronization feature that I like that you can sync your remote and local databases.

Homebrew for installing and managing apps. Just run "brew install node" to install Node.js.

Bitbar for running scripts. I can run those scripts from terminal but sometimes it's much more easier to run them with just one click. It's even not a click. On Bitbar's menu icon with trackpad with three fingers 😅 So for example I can access to any note in; or I can change my local IP, adding/removing proxies all over Bitbar.

I use Docker for containerizing apps. And started to learn "docker-compose".

Numi for calculations. I was even going to make something similar.

PixelSnap for measuring things on screen in any app. I think every frontend developer and designer need this.

ColorSnapper for picking colors in any app. This is needed as PixelSnap.

SnippetsLab for code snippets. I like the default-syntax-for-each-folder feature very much. So far I have 750 snippets.

Magnet for window management. So for example you can position Sublime to the left of the screen and Chrome to the right to work together.

I also run scripts over Siri over iPhone. So when I say "Hey Siri, put my Mac to sleep", Siri runs a script with Shortcuts app and put my Mac to sleep. Here's how you can run any script on your computer with your iPhone or iPad over Siri.

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