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Learn how JavaScript code modernization with P42 works

Lars Grammel
Creating automatic refactoring tools for TypeScript and JavaScript. Founder of
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Over the past months, the P42 functionality has grown considerably with many new features such as commit checks, pull request reviews, pull request updates, and improved error reporting. The expanded capabilities mean that there is more to understand and configure now, so we wrote it up for you
in detail.

You can now learn about how P42 works and how to use it in our documentation. The P42 documentation covers general concepts, the P42 workflow,setup and installation, the overview, repository and analysis pages, and the GitHub checks integration.

Pages with dedicated documentation show a help icon with a question mark in the top right corner. Clicking it will bring you to the relevant documentation.

Each analysis, e.g., "Use Arrow Functions," comes with its own documentation that explains what it is for, how it works, and what to consider. The analysis documentation links to more resources, helping you to learn and become a better JavaScript developer while using P42.

Check out our documentation and explore the P42 features!

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