Top-3 outdated facts about Svelte

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Svelte doesn't support Typescript

Pretty much every article on the Internet states that Svelte doesn't support Typescript. The community points this out as the largest disadvantage (comparing to React, Vue, and Angular).

Svelte's team has announced Typescript support

Svelte doesn't have browser devtools

Anybody who worked with Big 3 frameworks knows how easy it gets with DevTools. A lot of criticism Svelte had was due to lack of DevTools. No more console.log!

There you'll find extensions for Chromium and Firefox

Svelte isn't popular

You know it's new and so on. But look at these numbers, it's breathing down angular's neck!

framework/library stars year
svelte 37k 2016
angular 66k 2010
react 156k 2013
vue 173k 2014


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Kevin Kivi

I loved Svelte, but I loved TypeScript more. So I had to go with another front-end framework. Now I don't have to. When I get time I will immediately try Svelte again. Thanks for the info!

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Paweł Kowalski

Which angular? There is like 12 of them ;P